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Why DDA Marketing?

At DDA Marketing, our
premise is really quite simple: We can become your outsourced marketing department, helping in areas from strategy to web development, social media, brochures, PR, branding, video, and even merchandising and project management, we take care of it all.

Aligning your marketing strategy with your goals

Aligning Strategy With Your Goals

Many can wow you with presentations, marketing jargon, and promises of "creating a buzz in the marketplace." What we believe separates DDA Marketing from the pack is our ability to develop and agree upon a marketing strategy, then map out specific metrics and deliverables to make sure the execution of such strategy produces tangible results.Talk is cheap. Measurable increases in social media, web traffic, margins and sales are what you're paying for. We will make sure you get them.

Developing a relationship to understand your business

Developing A Relationship

At DDA Marketing, we work with a limited number of clients, typically on a long-term retainer basis. Doing so allows DDA Marketing to get to know your business, your systems, your customers and your industry, which we believe produces more effective marketing strategies. We approach each client as if we are part of the company's management team, which means if a deadline requires it, we'll be the ones up all make sure you are the one who looks like a hero.

Our Services

Marketing Strategy
Press Releases
Project Management
Promotional Planning
Public Relations
Sales Management
Social Media
Web Development

Our Commitment

We are part artist, part number-cruncher. We love to create, but equally love seeing results generated by those creations. We have an old-school work ethic, believe in keeping our word, and frequently find ourselves up at 2 AM attempting one more revision to make a campaign perfect. We believe in open communications, being part of the community, and having fun. In short, we believe in making a difference.

Analyzing Your Business

Analyzing Your BusinessSometimes the truth hurts. We are straight shooters who will not only identify a challenge, but diplomatically bring you a range of potential solutions.


Web Development

Web DevelopmentA good website is constantly changing and constantly evolving. It is not a task you complete once, then revisit a year or two later.


The Art Of Writing

The Art Of WritingWe believe excellent writing is becoming a lost art. With decades of experience, we can help craft your organzation's message.


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